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No. Horticulture is described under the 1947 Agriculture Act as being part of agriculture.

Indaver and Rivenhall Greenhouse share a commercial relationship with the former providing heat, CO2 and electricity to the greenhouse. 

Wren Renewables is the landlord. 

All construction and operational traffic servicing the greenhouses will come from the A120 via the road serving the IWMF. 

500 jobs will be created once the greenhouse is fully operational. 

Yes. It is the intention of Rivenhall Greenhouse to provide an on-site crèche facility for workers. This will be subject to a separate planning application. 

Yes. The northern greenhouse will have grow lights. This will allow Rivenhall Greenhouse to plant crops in August to provide retailers winter produce. Greenhouses with grow lights will be fitted with blackout blinds which are proven to mitigate 99% of light egress. 

No. The growing of fresh produce within the greenhouses is undertaken in a closed loop hydroponic system with all water run-off captured, cleaned and re-used. 

No. All water falling on the roofs will be captured in reservoirs and used for growing. 

Yes. There will be some amendments to current routes, but the plan will see an increase in footpath lengths over the site. 

No. Aside from routine noise from vehicular movements, minimal noise from operating the greenhouses will occur within the structures. 

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